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Need Help Selling Your Reality TV Show or Screenplay Idea!

The market is flooded with ideas. Mostly the same. Without an agent or help from an accredited producer, it’s almost impossible to know where you stand. As to why many great ideas never get a chance or to the right person, they have no available track record. Regina knows because she was once in your shoes.

Regina is a top industry professional who helps a lot of talent because it is very hard to sell an idea or get on TV. You’re only able to sell things in this business when you have what someone wants. And they only ask for what they want through an agent or through another network executive. If you have been creating television or film concepts, but are unable to sell them, check out How to Get an Agent for your Reality Show Idea or Screenplay in 5 Easy Steps.

Weekly Podcast...

Regina will be hosting a weekly podcast soon. A show that brings you lively conversations with celebrities who are where you want to be. But not your ordinary podcast. This is the REAL deal and real information you didn’t know. And you never know how it’s going to be delivered. Sometimes the truth is raw, shocking and unexpected; but always crazy-funny! 

If you would like to subscribe to the upcoming podcast, let us know. Name of podcast will be released at later date.