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Dramatic based stories within a skillfully suspenseful scheme of plot twists focused primarily on the dark underpinnings of American middle-class life (innocent people caught up in circumstances beyond their control or understanding) either involving horror, fear, psychological aspects or the supernatural. Stories provide a rich literary feast.
Genre: Suspense/Thriller, Horror, Supernatural

Emmy Award Winning reality television producer, writer, director, and author, Regina Romain is constantly being asked how to find an agent. So she decided to answer the question with five easy steps that get straight to the point without wasting words and without sugar coating. There's always a small window of opportunity in the TV and Film industry so the quicker you know the faster you move. The How to get an Agent for Your Reality Show Idea or Screenplay helps you to shape your idea so that you will attract an agent who will be willing to sign you as a client. Avoiding any of these five easy steps can be like searching the internet without a search engine!

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Under the cover of darkness, a little boy is awakened by a strange noise under his bed. His innocent imagination begins to stir and makes sleep nearly impossible. A true scenario for millions of kids convinced something is lurking in the shadows waiting to gobbledygook them up.

The story time story gives a child power to control and acknowledge their fears by arming them with the same comfort as to what the story is about - Munster Cookies. The recipe for deliciously monstrous cookies is included.

Regina Romain, once a child with anxiety of monsters and ghosts who spent most of her childhood hiding under the covers, is the author and publisher of the children’s picture book Munster Cookies. As a writer of thriller and suspense, Regina hopes to help young children who are afraid of the dark deal with life situations and relief from the unknown.

Monster Cookies: Calm for Children Who Are Afraid of the Dark

Suffering Hearts is a fictional thriller suspense series of stories inspired by real-life events of love, betrayal and revenge. Because life is suffering, our hearts relate to stories of a lost love, job, child or broken promise...we're all familiar with pain or heartache. Whether the hero, villain or the victim, we're all flawed characters with hidden pains. And when suffering leads to desperation, desperation leads to buried secrets and hidden agendas...