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Need Help Selling Your Reality TV Show or Screenplay Idea!

The market is flooded with ideas. Mostly the same. Without an agent or help from an accredited producer, it’s almost impossible to know where you stand. As to why many great ideas never get a chance or to the right person. Regina knows because she was once in your shoes.

Due to recent requests, Regina is willing to offer her help with getting your movie idea to a producer and how to sell your idea in a one-hour face to face video call. She will also answer any questions you may have.

During the discussion, Regina will also provide:
  1. Major production companies you can pitch without an agent.
  2. Who can represent your work.
  3. The 3 things every writer think that they know, but haven’t got a clue.
  4. What top decision makers are looking for. Why some ideas sell and others don’t.

If you need help selling your work, please don’t let this limited time opportunity pass you by. An opportunity that also grants you access to pitch your work to an Emmy award-winning producer.

To sign up to speak with Regina please provide your name and email address to the right. You will be contacted with additional information. (a small session fee is required)

Please be advised that Regina Romain is an accredited producer and should not be construed as an agent. Any professional consultation, writing, advice or development is offered as a service.
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